Our project supports the emotional and physical well-being of children with learning difficulties from STELLA MARIS school in Puerto Maldonado through therapuetic musical and artistic activities.

We offer a safe and nurturing environment for the children to express themselves by supporting their individuality and offering them different forms of communication, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and using recycled materials where possible in our activities. 

Our aim is to break down social barriers, increase interaction with the local community and nurture the personal growth of each of the children we support.

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The Stella Maris project has been started to support the communication needs of the children of Stella Maris school with learning difficulties through music and art therapy every Wednesday for 3 hours and sometimes for other activities that they do not have currently. These forms of therapy are very important for those with learning difficulties because they create a gateway for emotional expression which is often a huge challenge for them for many reasons; often because they are not able to verbalise or vocalise their feelings, their behaviour is often misunderstood as a result of this and without support this can often lead to them feeling more cut off from the world around them. Another longer term aim of this project is to increase social inclusion by raising awareness in the community with their art and music.

The project currently has very limited resources and we have been dependent on small donations of materials and fundraising by baking and selling cakes to try and raise enough money to support the project, however it has proven to be a challenge and often has resulted in us not having everything we need to support the children of which there are 25 every week.

project co-ordinator – Lily Roberts


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