KOSHI is a women’s nonprofit association dedicated to actively engage with the population of the Peruvian Amazon by participating in the educational and cultural life of the local people. We aim to promote knowledge transfer between individuals from different cultures, to encourage tolerance of diversity and to foster the Amazonian culture as a driving force for local development and social welfare. Our work is combined with a vision for conscious socio-economic growth and social inclusion for the most vulnerable parts of the population, specifically children and women.


Our main goal and focus is to promote activities of knowledge and skills sharing and to stimulate cultural expression. Traditional knowledge is an important resource not only for local communities but also for humanity, it is a source of intangible and material wealth that needs to be protected and promoted. On the other hand, other forms of modern abilities and information are important to help this intercultural exchange and to stimulate socio-cultural development of the world’s population. We want to generate a dynamic of social responsibility and trust among society.

Our vision is to promote social welfare through interactive education, art and a variety of cultural expressions, sports and healing. It is an effective and free way to provide access to values, goods and services. Through these activities we encourage children, young people and adults to be proud of who they are and give them tools to research their own culture and folklore and explore the ethnical, linguistical and biological diversity of their territory, which for its biodiversity has been declared “capital of the biodiversity of Peru”.


Local knowledge is the traditional knowledge of the members of a community that has endured over time and continues to develop. It is based on experience and is at the root of their daily practices, relationships, institutions and rituals; it is dynamic and always changing. This knowledge relates to the whole system of concepts, beliefs and perceptions that people have of the world, it is how they measure and assess the environment, their manner to solve problems and to process information; it is how people generate and accumulate knowledge, apply it and transmit it to others. According to the “UNESCO Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Expressions” 2005, “cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature”.


KOSHI works in neighborhoods and communities, the association moves between urban villages and virgin rainforest, touring culturally diverse spaces and times. We collaborate not only with indigenous communities, but also with the multicultural society of the rainforest of Madre de Dios, with tourists, travelers, student groups from Peru or from other countries and continents. The association wants to create synergy between different actors through a journey of variety of socio-economic and cultural realities in order to arrive at a society capable of providing full and decent life inclusion. Fighting against poverty and global environmental problems will be achieved by creating strategies that provide knowledge, skills and opportunities to people


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